About Miltonia



Miltonia Health Science ltd is a very young company, founded in 2009 by professionals with many years of experience in the international pharmaceutical corporations. The company was created to implement all knowledges gained over the years of work with medicines, in the creation of best drugs to improve the quality of treatment and increase the patients comfort.

Miltonia Health ScienceScience develops, manufactures and conducts marketing of its own brands and also in-licensed brands of medicines. Scope of products covers therapeutic segments like: Gynecology (Vagimilt, Femigeston, and Vagiprobiox), Phlebology (Flavovein), Pulmonology (Mucomilt), Gastroenterology (Protonia), Hepatology (Bicyclol).





We conduct research and development of our products in famous laboratories in India, China and Europe. Medicines are manufactured in factories that are certified by cGMP (continues Good Manufacturing Practice) standards and ensure 100% quality of products.

We collaborate with manufacturers that produce products for major pharmaceutical companies around the world:


Beijing Pharmaceutical
Union Factory



Softgel Health Care
Unique Biotech LTD



The company’s products are sold in the markets of CIS countries (Ukraine,

Moldova, Georgia, Armenia,Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan)
and western region of Africa (Guinea, Burkina-Faso, Gabon, Côte d’Ivoire, Congo, Bénin, Niger, Cameroun, Mali, Togo).



Despite being «young», the company achieved number of significant successes in its work.


12th June, 2009 — date of registration of Miltonia Health Science in UK.
The same year, contracts with manufacturers Softgel Healthcare Ltdand Elder Pharma (India) to produce the drugs Vagimilt, Mucomilt, Flavovein were signed.


Official opening of a representative office in Kiev, Ukraine. Signing of the license contract with Beijing Union Pharmaceutical Factory (China) for Bicyclol. Registration of Bicyclol and Vagimilt in Uzbekistan.


Registration of Flavovein in Uzbekistan. Registration of Bicyclol, Vagimilt in Kyrgyzstan. Vagimilt and Bicyclol are launched on Uzbekistan market.


Launch of Vagimilt & Bicyclol in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Registration of Vagimilt & Bicyclol in Georgia. Registration of Vagimilt in Guinea and Gabon (Africa). Registration of Mucomilt tablets and syrup in Uzbekistan & Kyrgyzstan.


Launch of Vagimilt & Bicyclol in Georgia. Registration of Mucomilt tablets and syrup in Tajikistan.


Launch of Vagimilton the territory of French-speaking African countries. Registration of Vagimilt in Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Mali and Togo. Registration of Vagimilt, Flavovein and Mucomilt in Turkmenistan. Registration of Vagimilt and Flavovein in Moldova. Also, were signed contract with Manufacturer Unique Biotech (India) for release the drug Vagiprobiox.


— 12th June — Company Registration in UK.
— Signed contracts with Softgel healthcare ltd & Elder Pharma for Developing MHS own brand VAGIMILT, MUCOMILT, FLAVOVEIN.
— Registration Milplast brand in Ukraine


— register two doses of the drug CANDIMILT in Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.
— Start VAGIMILT sales in Mongolia
— Preparing for the registration new product FEMIGESTON. Bio-equivalence study drug.
— Our experts modified the composition of VAGIMILT
— Introduced a new sub-component Dimethicone + MCT, to improve the tolerability. Milplast launch in Ukraine


The company’s goal:

To produce high quality medicines for increasing the efficiency of patients’ treatment.

Our Values:

1. Quality orientation Quality concern is the basic in everything we do.

2. People Focused We believe and recognize that our employees are the drivers of our success.

3. Results Driven We deliver results through a high-performing organization and have a commitment to excellence in all that we do.

4. Integrity We are ethical and trustworthy in all our business and interpersonal relationships.

5. Long term value we add long term value to our Partners and Customers.