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Inflammation diseases of the organs of small pelvis occupy the leading place among the diseases of the female organs. By their aetiology they may be of bacterial, fungi, parasitic origin. Vaginitis and vulvovaginitis of bacterial, fungi and combined origin are very often met in medical practice. To treat them, the antibacterial preparations (synthetic antibacterial preparations), antifungal agents, antiseptics and combined preparations are used. Vagimilt® is the combined preparation consisting of the antibacterial agent – clindamycin 100 mg and antifungal agent – clotrimazole 100 mg. It manifests the activities of the both components of the preparation: Clindamycin inhibits the synthesis of protein in the bacterial cell, joining 50S-subunits of ribosomes. Preparation is active against main causative agents of the bacterial Vaginitis.   Clotrimazole is the anti-mycotic preparation of wide spectrum of activity from the group of derivatives of imidazole for the local application. Antifungal effect occurs due to the troubles in synthesis of ergosterin and cell wall of the fungi. Preparation is efficient against yeast-like fungi, all types of dermatophytes and mold fungi, is acts also on gram-positive and gramnegative bacteria.   Vagimilt® is the soft gelatine ovule containing white greasy mass. In case of intravaginal introduction preparation is active only locally, only about 3% of the introduced dose is absorbed through the mucous tissue of vagina. >>>